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small town crime mystery novel
Readers Favorite recommended mystery novel


Vanessa Hutchins experiences a transformative vision. On impulse, she abandons her promising legal career, buys a house sight unseen, and escapes the city in search of a more meaningful life. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers her new home is filled with a hoard of secrets spanning decades. As Vanessa discovers the truth, she realizes the town's revered heroes might be involved in a dark conspiracy. Does she ignore what she found? Or does she expose an even uglier truth destined to upend a small town, jeopardize her new friends’ lives, and possibly silence her own? Get your copy of Deadly Secrets from Pond Island now and read the dark secrets hidden in plain sight.

An intricate web of plot lines bringing to

life the author’s characters
in an extraordinary way.

Janet Davies
ABC7 News Chicago

...a truly compelling page-turner...

K.C. Finn
Author, The Book of Shade


Olivia Raymond weaved magic

into the story with her words.

Rabia Tanveer
Author, Melodies of the Mind


Kirkus Reviews Magazine

An engaging slow burn
investigation of a subur
ban crime.

2023 Editor's Pick!

- Kirkus Reviews

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